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Front-End Development - The Mess We're In

In one of the “Strange Loop Conference” talks, Joe Armstrong talks about “The mess we’re in.” He mentioned how complexity arises because of the increased amount of states your computer can be in. The rising level of complexity applies to Front-End development as well.

Rust is the future of Front-End development

Rust is a programming language with modern syntax, and it is comparable to C++ in terms of performance and speed. It has been voted the most-loved programming language for more than five years in a row. Rust is becoming increasingly popular. It was used by Mozilla when they rebuilt their CSS engine for Firefox.

Moving to a Mono Repository | Building an NPM Package with TypeScript

Monorepo is a term that commonly refers to a repository containing multiple packages or applications. Instead of having a system of one repo/package, we can be tedious to work with when they are closely related, and you can work inside one repository.